Doomed Tax Bill Passes

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 10:13am

House passes GOP payroll tax break extension unlikely to make it through the Senate.

The back and forth showdown over extending this year's two percent payroll tax break came up for a vote last night.

It passed in The House, but the fight is far from over.

The bill that passed the house will probably never pass the Senate.

The president says he won't sign it.

Most House Democrats voted against the Republican plan for extending this year's payroll tax cut.

Democrats who control the senate say there's no way they'll approve a tax cut with a controversial oil pipeline attached.

"The bill is dead on arrival, it was dead before it got to the Senate," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

With another government shutdown looming, Democrats want to deal with spending first.

NBC's latest polls find Americans increasingly frustrated with this Congress.

42 percent say it's one of the worst.

President Obama has told Congress to pass the tax cut without the oil pipeline provision or any other "poison pills" or risk staying in Washington for the holidays.


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