Dog-Napper Returns Hound Dogs

POSTED: Monday, February 2, 2009 - 11:42pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:32am

In a follow-up to a story you only saw on News Center 23. A couple visiting South Padre Island from Colorado...are happy tonight, now that their dogs were safely returned to them.
You won't believe, how they got their dogs back. The dog-nappers blame bad behavior for their return.
Barks from 4-year old, Tonsil and 3-year old, Lucy.
sounds...Max Tischler and Jean Landess say, they are thankful to hear again.
"We got them home, we are thrilled. I thought we'd never see them again, Landess says.
She says since her two hound dogs were dog-napped, it's been horrible.
But, as she was getting ready to throw a Super Bowl party, that's when she got an un-expected phone call from their dog stealer in Alamo.
"This guy said he had our dogs an hour and a half away, he had them, we met, him in a parking lot."
She says, she thinks the dog napper decided to return their girls...because he had enough of these hunting dogs, and their bad behavior...
"Tonsil decided to eat his goat,right after that he called and said he had them."
For six days, this kennel sat empty and their now hearts are filled with gratitude for the safe return of lucy and tonsil.
These dog owners say, God bless you for returning them to us, and I know you took them, but you returned them, their our babies.>
They decided not press any charges against the young man, who stole their dogs.
They even gave him a small reward.
Now, they can put this behind them, and celebrate their reunion.
"We're excited, we're thankful, their home."
And all these missing doggie posters can now come down.

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