Dog Mauls Owner

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 - 2:31pm

Neighbors say pit bull never showed signs of aggression prior to fatal attack.

Neighbors of a Spotslyvania, Virginia man are having a tough time believing his dog would turn on its owner and kill him.

Frank Collins is puzzled beyond belief.

“Makes you wonder how you can raise a dog all the way from a puppy and love it and be in the house every day and what would make it turn on an owner like that,” he said.

Investigators say that’s exactly what happened, but are staying tight-lipped on many of the details.

What we do know is that 38 year-old David Haigler was discovered dead Saturday evening by a family member.

He suffered wounds to his upper body.

Inside his townhouse were two six year-old pit bulls.

One was chained up; the other loose in his home.

Neighbor Sherri Harris has lived near the family for 15 years.

“They seemed like normal family dogs. I’ve never heard them barking. I’ve heard them rustling around in the backyard, but never barking or acting aggressive in any way,” she said.

Other than a short press release, Spotsylvania County authorities are releasing few details about how the victim was killed.

A medical exam report did, however, find paw marks on Haigler's body and defensive wounds to his fingers and hands.

According to a Fredericksburg newspaper, a search warrant indicated blood was found on the walls and furniture in the home.

A wooden baseball bat was also found near the victim’s body.

Despite the evidence, neighbors say they are still having trouble coming to grips with what happened.

Both dogs are being held at the animal shelter.

Authorities are still waiting for toxicology reports.

Haigler's son had discovered his body Saturday at their home.

When sheriff's deputies arrived, they found two "very aggressive" pit bulls, according to

The deputies had to call Animal Control to remove the dogs before they could proceed.

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