Dog Eats Car

Friday, October 19, 2012 - 8:34am

Stray dog attacks woman's parked car.

Scratched and chewed up is how a Rio Rancho, New Mexico woman says she found her car.

Natalie Montgomery believes a dog attacked the vehicle while it was parked right in front of her condo.

Montgomery says it appears someone poured something sticky on her car and the stray dog went after it, adding she does not think it was a random prank, but rather a deliberate attack.

Clusters of scratch marks, knicks and dings from the teeth and claws of a dog cover the front sides of Montgomery's once pristine 2005 Toyota Solara.

"You know the old joke about the dog ate my homework, well, the dog ate my car," Montgomery says.

Montgomery said Wednesday afternoon her therapy dog alerted her to go outside.

When she did, Montgomery said she could not believe what she saw - a sticky substance poured around the front end of her car and a stray dog chewing on it.

"It was almost the consistency of rock crystals with 'slushies' or snow cones and it was all over the ground," Montgomery said. "The dog's nose, muzzle was just wet."

Montgomery said she collected some of the leftover residue as evidence.

She was the only person at the Fairway Condominium Community affected, which Montgomery said leads her to believe she was targeted.

"To do something and to know - and I believe they knew - how much damage this was going to do to my car - no - I don't think it's a prank," Montgomery said.

Thankful the car is still drivable, Montgomery said without making any accusations - it is not the dog's fault.

"I'll be okay, and I'm sure in years from now, I'll look back and say a dog ate my car, but right now that's not how I feel," Montgomery said.

Montgomery filed a police report.

If the person responsible is found, police said they would be looking at charges for criminal damage to property.

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