Ditching Books For iPads

Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 11:57am

Florida school switches from books to high-tech tablets.

One Florida high school is taking it's use of technology to the next level.

Instead of opening up books, students are turning on their iPads to learn.

Freshmen at Archbishop McCarthy High School in Broward County said it doesn't just make learning easier, it makes it fun.

"I take way more notes," student Jorge Holguin said.

"For art class, there's a sketch pad on here so I don't need my colored pencils or markers," Kasey Ortiz said. "I can just draw on here and turn it in or email it to her. Emailing is also a really good thing."

Principal Richard Jean said that by using the iPads, students are getting ready for the future. He calls it new technology in a new time.

"That's our job as a school _ to prepare the kids for college," Jean said.

The students are paying for the iPads themselves. They're leasing them, paying for the tablet over a 40-month period. It becomes part of their tuition. Now, for these freshman it's part of everyday life.

"We don't have to carry our books anymore. It's lighter," student Fiorella Riccovono said. "It's easier to go to classes because you don't have to go to your locker as frequently."

A total of 800 students at the school use the iPad and they are maxed out.

The principal just placed his second order to get 400 more.

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