District 34 Candidate Jessica Puente Bradshaw Prepares for November Election

Friday, October 19, 2012 - 9:12am

The upcoming November elections could prove another first in the Valley if Congress District 34 Representative candidate Jessica Puente Bradshaw wins she would be the first Hispanic female member of Congress from the State of Texas. She will be running against Democratic candidate Filemon Vela, who is from Brownsville, for the new district which was formed during the recent re-districting ruling by three state judges. Mrs. Puente Bradshaw commented about the race saying, "I know I have an edge. Why? One, because as a female Latina, that is different, we have the women vote. I believe, at least the majority of it, I think if they can hear my message, meet me, they will say, Wow, we can have someone strong that is a Latina in Congress. Also, the fact that I am just a everyday person that decided to jump in, I think people can sympathize with that."

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