Disorder In The Court

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 - 10:11am

Bizarre courtroom behavior earns woman five days behind bars.

An outburst inside a Kentucky courtroom has landed a Louisville woman behind bars.

In video of the incident you can see Judge Katie King, clearly frustrated with 24-year-old Saffire Doss.

King asked Doss several times to leave her courtroom.

"Ma'am, I asked you to step outside," said King. "You know, come in here right now. Come in here right. I asked you to step out ten times. I don't want to hear anything."

King continued to show her frustration with Doss in the video.

"If you wanna get smart with me, I'll put you in jail," said King.

"I'm not getting smart," said Doss.

"You know what ma'am, come up here right now," said King. "You asked me not to disrespect you. You disrespected me. I asked you to do one thing."

"I was asking him for my money, I'm hungry," said Doss.

King, visibly frustrated about what was unfolding in her courtroom, continued to question Doss before charging her with two counts of contempt of court and disorderly conduct.

Then King got angry with another person.

"You wanna go to jail too?" said King. "No, I'm sorry she was very disrespectful over there. You just don't talk that way to me. You don't disrespect a judge. I don't care if I'm young, what I look like."

Outside the courtroom the drama continued.

According to an arrest slip, Doss refused to give her cell phone to a deputy and began yelling and screaming while she was in a holding area.

A deputy did pull a taser out, but it was not used.

Doss is serving five days at Metro Corrections for her contempt of court charges.

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