Disbelief Over Anthony Verdict

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 - 1:38pm

Trial watchers react to Casey Anthony's acquittal.

Casey Anthony may be spending her last full day in jail after being acquitted on charges she murdered her daughter Caylee.

It's possible Judge Belvin Perry could sentence the 25 year old to time served on the only four counts she was convicted of: Making false statements to police.

The jury took less than 11 hours to acquit Anthony on the most serious charges related to her daughter's death, including the first degree murder charge that could have resulted in the death penalty.

So far the only juror to speak out is one of the alternates.

"I don't thought the prosecution was able to show how she died, what was the motivation?" explained Russ Hueckler.

Others who watched and even testified have been very vocal against the verdict, including Casey's former fiancé Jesse Grund, who said it left him shocked and angry.

"Right now she has everything she ever wanted, she's going to have money, she's gonna have people at her door step asking for her, wanting her and she's gonna have that partying life she so craved," Grund said.

What Casey will do when she is released is still unclear, but prosecutors say we will now never know what happened to little Caylee.

The trial that captivated a nation may be over, but for many the controversy and confusion remain.

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