Diamonds Really Are Forever

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 3:51pm

Jeweler goes green by recycling old rings and other jewelry.

They look pretty on your finger, but mining gold and silver is an ugly process.

After tearing up vegetation and soil, the area is drilled and blasted into surface or open-pit mines.

It permanently scars the landscape and mine water, an acidic aftermath, can be detrimental to local water sources.

One Miami business wants to make sure your bling doesn't require that blast.

All of the engagement rings and wedding bands at Ring Finger Studio are born from recycled metals.

"They're melting it down to it's purist state then they're alloying it just like you would a newly mined metal so there're actually the same quality," explains Ring Finger's Tara Rose. "We had one client in New York with her grandmother's ring, so she still had the metal from her grandmother's ring in a new design."

To top it off, all the diamonds are conflict-free, coming into the market ethically under strict United Nations guidelines.

Rose calls her rings customizable and green.

"It's a pure ring. it really symbolizes love because it hasn't harmed anyone in the process," she says.

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