Dialysis At Home

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 8:56am

Home treatment offers more freedom, better health to kidney patients.

Michael Gongon walks with a new found spring in his step.

He feels better than he has in years.

"The feeling of feeling so good, it's such a home run for me," he says.

He was born with a rare kidney disease.

About six years ago his doctor broke the news: In order to survive, he'd need to go for dialysis three times a week.

The process took a mental and physical.

Each session lasts nearly four hours.

Then, he was presented with a new option: Do the dialysis himself at home.

"It takes a lot of training and a lot of dedication on the part of the patient," says nurse Laurie Gadzik.

She oversees 30 home patients.

"They have better fluid control, better blood pressure control, often times their BP medicines will go away," she says. "They have a more liberal diet. They have a general well-being."

At-home patients go through dialysis six days a week, rather than three which is much gentler on the body, and it offers more freedom.

"They're able to carry on and have jobs and travel," Gadzik says, "Things that tend to be a little bit more difficult if they were in the center."

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