Department of Aging and Disability Services warning Valley residents of adult daycare scam

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 9:05am

A new scam is targeting senior citizens at local adult daycare centers in the Valley had the Department of Aging and Disability Services to release a statement warning patients, family members and care providers about the scam, Na'Tassia Finley has more.

They call claiming to be from the Department of Aging and Disability Services, more commonly known as DADS to their clients, stating the person will lose benefits and face fraud charges if they don't choose a different adult daycare provider.

Eunice Flores, client, "We need to be alert, be aware of who's really calling us."

It's a scam targeting senior citizens here in the Valley and ultimately the government's Medicare program. The calls however are not legitimate calls according to real DADS representatives, the agency says they never initiate calls like this to their clients.

"I don't think that that's right for them to go out there and try to fool especially people sometimes that are older people. That I don't understand, what's going on. Those are the people that get taken advantage of.", Eunice Flores, who's been coming to this adult daycare for about four years now, says a few times a year, or as scams pop up, outreach reps alert to the scams.

This is just one of the many ways that crooks target the elderly, Maria Garcia, client, "I think there's a lot of that going on. There are people that just don't want to work, they just want to make the easy life off of all us, in other words the seniors. They don't care who they hurt or what happens to them as long as they get what they want."

So far, neither of these ladies have fallen victim to this or any other scams, they both agree being aware and vigilant, maybe even investigating who's on the other end of a call, is key.

Eunice Flores, "I try to be a little more alert. I ask, "Who are you? Why are you calling?", I never give out my personal information."

Flores also suggest directly asking the adult daycare director if there have been any changes to their coverage. She says that would be a real quick way to find out if a call is authentic.

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