Defense Takes Over In Murray Trial

Monday, October 24, 2011 - 2:56pm

Attorneys aim to prove doctor wasn't responsible for Michael Jackson's death.

The prosecution has rested its case in Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial.

During cross examination of the prosecution's final witness, Dr. Steven Shafer, the defense attempted to poke holes in Shafer's testimony that Dr. Murray gave Michael Jackson more than 40 times the Propofol than the 25 milligrams the doctor claimed.

Shafer also testified that he believes Dr. Murray administered the anesthetic through an IV drip.

The defense says Jackson took eight Lorazepam pills a few hours before he died without telling Dr. Murray, and claims that Jackson injected himself with Propofol when Murray left the room in a desperate attempt to sleep.

Sources close to the case tell NBC News Murray's lawyers have developed a new time line and they'll lay it out for the jury this week.

"All they have to do is kick up enough sand and hopefully something sticks with some juror that creates reasonable doubt," says former prosecutor Robin Sax.

Sitting in the courtroom was a former teacher and colleague of Shafer's, Dr. Paul White, who will testify for the defense.

The defense is expected to call about 15 witnesses, hoping to chip away at the prosecutions case.

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