Defendant takes stand in capital murder trial

Friday, February 14, 2014 - 9:25am

This morning Omar Montemayor, took the stand, testifying to the night back in 2012. The tragic shootings took place. He claims he went to his estranged wife, Sarah Montemayor's home at about 9-30 pm to pick up his son and saw an unknown truck. He says when he left the house, he felt like something was wrong but wasn't sure what and became upset. The next thing he told jurors is being back at her home later that night Sarah screaming and a pistol in his hand. He told jurors he didn't remember actually pulling the trigger but remembered seeing her on the ground. In disbelief of what he'd done, he went to bedroom, put the gun barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger. When asked about coming in contact with Devan Haynes, Sarah's friend who was also fatally shot that night, Montemayor claimed to have no recollection.

During questioning by his own attorney, Montemayor told jurors after being well enough to speak with authorities, he was never read his miranda rights, hadn't been told what he'd allegedly done and had no attorney offered to him during questioning.

News Center 23 will continue to bring you the latest as this trial comes to a close.

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