Deep Freeze

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - 4:29pm

Frigid temperatures spread across the Midwest and East Coast.

A big cross section of the country is still in the deep freeze this evening.

Bitter temperatures and harsh conditions are being blamed for more than a dozen deaths over the last two days and forecasters say it may be a few more days before some areas see any relief.

The massive system stretches all the way from Canada to the Florida Coast.

In rural Ontario, truck drivers stalled by heavy snow were stranded for 24-hours before help could fight through the severe conditions, while in Buffalo, New York residents were struggling to stay ahead of the drifts.

Across the central states and much of the Midwest high winds, heavy snow and ice are turning roadways into parking lots, or even worse - wrecking yards.

In the Sunshine State they could use a little more of that "sunshine".

With temperatures more than 20-degrees below normal a group of manatees huddled around warm water outlets near a power plant.

To fight that chill Florida farmers coat their crops with ice, which actually insulates the fruit from harsh winds and even colder temperatures.

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