Deciding where Panama Unit members will serve time

Deciding where Panama Unit members will serve time
Friday, May 2, 2014 - 4:58pm

The 11 people sentenced in the Panama Unit Scandal this week are waiting to see which federal prison they end up in. 

They all got sentences ranging from eight to 17 years. The Federal Bureau of Prisons said the former law enforcement officers likely won't get special treatment because of their past profession. 

The Bureau goes through each convict's case to decide where they will be placed. 

Among the criteria it uses is the severity of the crime, length of the sentence and criminal history. 

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Prisons said the Panama Unit members will probably end up at a federal prison within 500 miles of the Valley. There are eight prisons within that distance of 500 miles. 

It will take roughly two weeks to figure out where everybody will go.

Once decided, the Bureau tells the location to the U.S. Marshalls Service who then transfers the inmate. 

Every inmate will be required to work while behind bars. They can do jobs such as cooking food for other inmates or cleaning. 

Their pay ranges anywhere from 12 cents an hour to 40 cents an hour and they will be required to work seven hours a day.  

The Bureau spokesperson said since each case will be looked at individually. There's no telling if everybody will end up in the same place. They all could theoretically wind up together or spread out across Texas.  

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