Debris Swept Hundreds Of Miles

Monday, May 2, 2011 - 9:23am

Documents and other debris blown nearly 200 miles by last week's tornados.

High winds from last Wednesday's storms not only wrecked homes, businesses and lives, they also picked up some unusual items and dropped them hundreds of miles away.

Items believed to be from Alabama and Georgia traveled more than 160 miles to east Tennessee.

Patrick Gray was on his way to get his mail Thursday when he saw what looked like trash.

It was actually a plastic wrapper that once held a book.

When he looked closer, he saw the address was from Ringgold, Georgia, a town hit hard by Wednesday's deadly storms.

"It was probably thrown in the garbage, the garbage went outside. Either their home is gone or their garbage is gone, or both," Gray said.

He was shocked the piece of trash potentially traveled 160 miles and landed in his yard in Greenback, Tennessee.

"I can see this being airborne for a long ways," Gray said.

Another item was found in West Knoxville, a check from 1985.

"I saw it on the ground. Like I said I thought it was trash and was just gonna pick it up and throw it away," Mike Delaney said.

It was from Rainsville, Alabama which was also hit by a tornado.

"I don't say that it is, I don't say that it isn't, but what else can you say," Delaney said.

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