Deady train derailment and explosion

Monday, July 8, 2013 - 8:44am

Canadian train disaster: 5 killed, 40 missing after runaway train crashes & explodes.

Canada's Prime Minister says a small town now looks like a war zone.

At least five people are dead and another 40 are still unaccounted for, after a train loaded with crude oil derailed, crashed and exploded into flames.

For too many there was simply no escape. The inferno so intense it incinerated everything in its path. Minutes before the unmanned runaway train pulling 72 tankers filled with crude oil went careening into the town of Lac-Megantic. It derailed with unimaginable consequences. Earth-shattering explosions followed. The fire burning for a full 36 hours.

The devastation was apocalyptic. The silence, ominous. There was no word of sons and daughters who never made it home. Friends and family that yes, vanished. Town officials say some were likely vaporized by the sheer intensity of the blaze.

"Of course we are working hand in hand with the coroner's office and with the victim unit from Sherbrooke Quebec to talk with the families. All of the bodies were transported to the Montreal forensics to be expertised."

The fire utterly consumed the very heart of this town in every way. Waiting for word of the missing has been excruciating.

"It's, we're numb, it's like we're numb."

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper toured the devastation and foreshadowed the grim news that is sure to come.

"But I know there's going to be waves of emotion over the next few weeks as the extent of this, and this is very big disaster in human terms, as the extent of this becomes increasingly obvious."

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