Dead Fish on South Padre Island


POSTED: Friday, February 11, 2011 - 10:33am

UPDATED: Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 11:32am

Just off Padre Blvd on the bayside the water was filled with hundred of dead Mullet.

"It's a shame"

Dale Shultz is from Wisconsin. He is a winter Texan and veteran fisherman who has been fishing on South Padre Island for 20 years. He looks at hundreds of fish that washed up dead.

"These are from the freeze we had not yesterday but three or 4 days ago, small fish died cause they can't take the cold, some of the big fish died some the trout some of the reds died these are called mullets."

These Mullets were also spotted dead last week by the Parks and Wild department on Boca Chica beach. Parks and Wildlife says close 1,000 died. Shultz says these Mullets on bayside that washed ashore from the tides. He says these fish are critical part to fishing.

"The big reds and trouts eat these mullets, so if there is a shortage of these its going to hurt the fishing industry."

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There is little mortality of the sport fish that is redfish trout etc. The fish we have been catching have been gorging on these mullet and pinfish which helps them staywarmer metabolizing food. Not a shortage of mullet the freeze has only shown a few places where there have been concentrations of dead mullet. That is always where a reporter show up to spread gloom an doom. Reports dont go out on boats and see the real deal because only bad news sells the good news doesnt.
Capt. Cliff Fleming

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