Dead baby found in toilet of bar bathroom

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 2:06pm

Investigators say a Pennsylvania woman has confessed to killing the baby she gave birth to while she was in a bar. They say Amanda Hein delivered a baby, in the bathroom, put the baby in a plastic bag and then placed the baby and bag into a toilet tank. The child was discovered by a cleaning crew last week, Will Lewis has the latest on the investigation.

People were in shock a week ago when the cleaning crew at Starter's Pub, in Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County found a dead baby in a water tank of a toilet in the womens' bathroom.

John Morganelli, Northampton County District Attorney, "The child was approximately between 33 and 36 weeks gestation. The baby was born alive and viable. The cause of death was suffocation and the manner of death is homicide."

According to the affidavit of probable cause, investigators found a large quantity of brown staining and liquid consistent with blood in booth number 7.

The booth was reserved by Luis Rivera, who told officers that Amanda Hein was in the group of four on August 18th watching a pay-per-view event, but investigators say none of the men with Hein is the father.

Zachary Lysek, Northampton County Coroner, "That is something that we are currently actively trying to investigate and identify who the father of this child is."

Police finally got the opportunity to speak with Amanda Hein and the 26 year-old admitted to the crime

John Morganelli, "She did give birth to this child inside Starter's in a stall, then placed the child, who was alive at the time, into a plastic bag.

The bag was then placed in the toilet tank and then at that time she returned to the dining area."

Her companions never knew what had happened. Hein is currently in the Northampton County prison, Morganelli says he is not sure if his office will seek the death penalty, "A child that was basically a full term baby born and whether it was one hour old, ten minutes old, or a year old. It's a person and this person's life was taken."

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