Daughter's early wedding for dad with cancer

Friday, January 24, 2014 - 8:23am

A Texas woman had no time to wait, no time to plan her wedding, not if she wanted her father to be there. As Teresa Woodard reports, the bride-to-be's father has cancer and his prognosis isn't good.

They met there, so they must marry here, Victoria McClure, Bride, "I'm living every girl's dream right now!"

A young love that knows no bounds, sadly, time does, Joey McClure, father, "She's my baby girl."

The father of bride Joey McClure has waged a 12 year war on gastrointestinal cancer. Now, the outlook isn't good.

Victoria McClure, "I am definitely a daddy's girl. Always have been, so it's been tough, you know."

The proposal came on Christmas Eve. They set a December 2014 date, but doctors said they shouldn't wait.

Donna McClure, Mother of the Bride, "So, they moved it up to Valentine's Day and then the doctor advised us we might want to go even sooner than that."

Kristene O'Dell, Church Member, "And it was like our whole church stopped, and just said, 'Yes!'

Somehow, the church family found a way to pull off a wedding in just weeks.

Kristene O'Dell, "One person said, 'I'll pay for her dress.' One said, 'I have all these chair covers that we can transform the gym in.'"

Then the Dallas Bridal Show heard and even bigger promises were made.

On Saturday, the gym will sparkle; the sanctuary will shine; Victoria will marry the man she loves

"We give all the glory to God for everything that's happening."

With the man who loved her first by her side, Victoria McClure, "I'm just really happy that he's gonna get to be there."

A daughter determined to take that walk with daddy, Joey McClure, "Just to be able to walk down the aisle and fulfill her dreams. When your child's happy, you're happy."

A daddy determined, ".That's all that matters." To make his daughter's day.

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