DA's Says Commissioners Could Decide County Judge Race

Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 8:41am

This is what the District Attorney's office says after interviewing the elections administrator.
On Saturday night the elections administrator Roger Ortiz says that the original numbers showed that Judge Carlos Cascos had won, but one of his elections staff members said the numbers did not add up and a tally sheet was found showing the winner as John Wood.
This is what the DA's legal opinion is.

"We are going to advice Mr. Ortiz to submit all the paperwork he has on this matter which will provide the original sheet he provided the candidates and the corrected sheet the numbers he states are correct along with an affidavit indicating the discrepancies. We believe that is the proper procedure to do and upon the canvassing authority to use the power in the election code to determine what the numbers are and what they should be. They can question Mr. Ortiz the people involved and determine themselves what the true numbers are.

The canvassing authority which is the Cameron County Commissioners court will meet on Friday at 5 PM to discuss this matter.
The district attorney's office says over the weekend that the Texas Rangers called after rumors of possible fraud or hiding of ballots.

"Everything that I have seen and the interviews I have had with Mr. Ortiz this is not an issue involving fraud or finding votes or missing votes he's indicated a clerical issue."

Both the Democratic party and the Republican party have asked for a recount for certain precincts. The District Attorney's office says elections offices says there will be no recounts.

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