Daredevil photog on fire in lava flow

Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 1:08pm

Photographer's lava image goes viral

A photo of a self-proclaimed daredevil photographer has gone viral.

The image shows the photographer at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with his shoes and tripod on fire.

But as Chris Tanaka reports, skeptics are questioning whether the image has been altered.

His images capture the essence of life on the big island. At times, their beauty is hard to believe.

"I try to get the shot I know no one else has..."

But it's a photo of the artist himself that some find hardest to fathom: Kawika Singson, standing atop a lava flow, with his tripod and shoes on fire.

"There are a lot of skeptics saying Photoshop..."

The flames were very real just not a result of spontaneous combustion.

"The flames on my shoes and my tripod did not start because of the lava..."

Singson used an accelerant to create the flames, and had a friend snap the shot...He wasn't looking for worldwide acclaim or to deceive anyone by doing so. He just thought it was a cool idea.

"It's just something that I wanted for my Facebook cover..."

The image has now gone viral, and people are flocking to Kawika.

"They call me a photo guru or a photo god...and I'm like, aww naww, don't do that."

Perhaps just as astounding as his photos is this, Kawika is an amateur with only a basic understanding of technique and equipment.

"They ask me what a prime lens is, I don't even know what that means..prime lens? What is a prime lens?"

Despite the overwhelming attention, Singson is handling it in stride, and enjoying life on the big island.

Now that's something that isn't too hard to believe...

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