Danger In The Deep End

Friday, May 27, 2011 - 10:42am

Recall announced for potentially deadly pool and spa drain covers.

Pool drain covers designed to keep swimmers from being trapped underwater may be defective, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning swimmers to stay out of the water.

"This recall is being conducted because the covers do not have the proper flow rating," said CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum, "which could pose a possible entrapment risk to swimmers."

Tenenbaum is asking pool owners and public pools operators to close their pools until the covers can be replaced or retrofitted.

The recall does not include pools with multiple drains or gravity drainage systems.

Tenenbaum said owners of kiddie or wading pools and in-ground spas should be very cautious and comply immediately with the recall.

"You should get in touch with your distributor now, have the pool checked out and make sure you do not have a potential hazard," she said.

Federal laws required pool owners to switch the drain covers three years ago, but apparently, some of those covers were improperly tested, leading to mislabeled products.

Those covers could still allow swimmers to be held down by the strong suction of a pool's vacuum system.

Companies included in the recall: A&A, AquaStar, Color Match, Custom Molded Products, Hayward Pool Products, Pentair Water Pool & Spa, Rising Dragon and Waterway.

The covers were sold between 2008 and 2001.

Pool owners should contact the company for replacement or retrofits.

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