Dallas attorney killed in shootout with police

Dallas attorney killed in shootout with police
Friday, January 3, 2014 - 11:38am

A report of a burglary turns into a police shootout that leaves one prominent Dallas attorney dead, Scott Gordon reports.

Less than 24 hours after the shootout at the Glass House, the shattered windows have been replaced and the crime scene is long gone, buy newly obtained police radio transmissions shed light on the drama that played out, as officers arrived about 1:45 a.m., at what they thought was a burglary call.

Police transmissions, "We need cover over here. We need cover Code 3. Shots fired. Shots fired."

One minute later, it was a tense standoff, right inside the glass lobby, "We got one that's kind of hiding. One that's hiding. So we need everybody to kind of stage up by the squad cars and then find some cover."

Then, a little more than four minutes later, "We have one suspect down. Shots fired."

Police say the suspect, shot and killed by police, was Dallas attorney Michael Schmidt.

He reported a burglar in his upstairs apartment, police say, but began shooting at officers when they arrived, there was no burglar.

"Pretty crazy to have that happen right in our little block."

Less than a year ago, Schmidt won a $10 million dollar jury award for the family of a 23 year-old woman killed by the driver of a monster truck outside an adult club in Dallas.

Now, his neighbors wonder what he was thinking, especially at a time he was taking care of his own 11 year-old daughter.

Police say the girl was out of sight of officers during the shootout.

"I just don't understand him being an attorney, wanting the police to shoot you. That's the piece I really do not understand."

His former mother-in-law described Schmidt as "sweet and generous" and acknowledged he "had some problems" as the police investigation continues.

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