Dad Locks Daughter In Trunk

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 9:46am

Florida father arrested after putting young daughter in car trunk as punishment.

Orlando, Florida police arrested a man Sunday after they said he put his daughter into a car trunk and closed the lid.

Johnny Nguyen, 50, is charged with child abuse.

"Fortunately this little girl is okay," said Department of Children and Families spokeswoman Carrie Hoeppner.

Police said a woman called police after seeing a man put a screaming child into the trunk of a gray Toyota Camry in the parking lot of the Vietnamese Orlando Nazarene Church.

The woman's husband yelled at the man, identified by police as Nguyen, that they were calling the police and Nguyen then let the girl out of the trunk, officials said.

Investigators said when they arrived at the scene the girl was crying and Nguyen became confrontational.

"What do you want here? I didn't do anything. She was only in the trunk for a few minutes," Nguyen told authorities.

Police then arrested Nguyen and his sister-in-law took custody of the children.

Authorities said they believe the incident was improper discipline.

"Children have temper tantrums, we all know that. Sometimes parents just need to walk away, but for obvious reasons, placing a child in a trunk for any reason is a poor choice," said Hoeppner. "What if that trunk did not open for whatever reason? We could have a child who is seriously injured or killed, based on a poor decision."

Officials said the outside temperature was 97 degrees.

The Department of Children and Families said they have no history of child abuse with the family, and children's mother said her husband's behavior is unusual.

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