Cyclospora outbreak linked to salad

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 8:48am

Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports that bagged salad was to blame for the nation's most recent outbreak of food poisoning.

Prepackaged salad mix is being linked to an outbreak that's sickened hundreds of Americans in more than a dozen states.

The Centers for Disease control and prevention says 21 people are so sick they've been hospitalized.

Pre-packaged salad that's the answer to the mystery of what was causing the most recent food poisoning outbreak that has spread across the country.

Nearly 400 people in 15 states have reported food poisoning symptoms caused by this microscopic parasite Cyclospora.

Health officials in two states tracing the source to bagged salad.

"We saw that there was a common exposure to bagged lettuce, bagged salad products," said relative Colissa Williams.

While a specific brand has not yet been named, health officials in Iowa and Nebraska blame mixed salad bags of iceberg and romaine lettuce.

As well as carrots and red cabbage.

But they also add the salad mix is no longer on the shelves in their states.

Now this isn't the first time bagged salad has come under the microscope.

Earlier this month, Collissa Williams says her sister-in-law was pouring out a bag of kale, when she was shocked to discover a frog!

"She poured in the kale and she went to stir them. And she said, 'There's a frog in there!' And we're all like, 'A frog?'"

And just this past February an e-coli scare triggered a nationwide recall on Taylor Farms Baby Spinach.

This most recent outbreak sending at least 21 people in 3 states to the hospital.

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