Cyclists gather for memorial ride to honor fellow rider killed by drunk driver

Friday, April 25, 2014 - 10:07am

Bike rides at 5 a.m. are nothing out of the ordinary for these devoted cyclists, but what is remarkable is the number of cyclists that showed up to ride Thursday morning.

Nearly 200 gathered for a memorial bike ride to honor Eddie Arguelles, the cyclist who was killed by a drunk driver last week while riding his bike.

Cyclist Ramon Hermida stated, "For a lot of us it's hard to get back on, especially after hearing something like this, so it is very healing."

The memorial bike ride is the product of Arguelles' wife Monette, who is also an avid cyclist.

"As devastated as she was and in between tears, she told us 'Hey guys, I wanna do a memorial ride for Eddie next Thursday at 5 a.m.' So this is how it came about," Hermida explained.

The turnout of more than 100 cyclists was unexpected.  Officers from the Edinburg, McAllen and Pharr Police Departments were called in to escort the cyclists throughout their 15-mile bike ride.

"It's amazing, overwhelming," said Monette Escaname, Eddie Arguelle's wife.  "I was just moved by everyone's support and I'm not gonna give up the road.  I'm still here, I'm still gonna carry on his memory and his legacy."

Arguelles's death marks the second fatal cyclist accident in Edinburg in less than a month.  The cyclist community is campaigning for more bike safety across the Valley.

"That is my biggest hope, that we can evoke that kind of change," said Hermida.

"We're talking to different groups, we're being more proactive, so I think things are gonna change," Escaname stated.  "The Valley's gonna change."

The Arguelles family is still accepting donations.  If you would like to make a contribution to Eddie Arguelles's family, click here:

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