CyberBully Alerts

Monday, September 5, 2011 - 8:18am

App helps parents monitor text messages and Facebook for cyber-bullying.

A Texas software company has created a new app that helps parents monitor text messages and Facebook pages.

The app is called Eye Guardian, and the company said it's a non-intrusive way to keep an eye on your kids.

"Our job is we developed a software that automates image processing software," said CEO Steven White.

In layman's terms, they look out for graphic content.

The company began creating the software for businesses like Apple Inc. and Yahoo three years ago, and then they started seeing a new demand.

"We constantly get asked by parents what about me? We have kids with Facebook and mobile phones," said White.

So they created a consumer version.

"What we do is depending on the parent, we have a sensitivity scale," said White.

If something pops up on your child's phone or Facebook that you would consider offensive, you get an alert.

That alert can be sent to your email, or straight to your phone.

From there, you go to your Eye Guardian page and can see the offensive words; phrases or pictures are highlighted in red.

It monitors sexual content as well as suspected cyberbullying.

While not all kids are excited about it, many parents are.

"I love it, it's that bridge... that middle ground that will allow her freedom, but will allow me to be alerted when I need to be or just to talk or have that conversation," said mom Marta Gore.

The company also started distributing the software to police departments so they can watch over the social media pages of sex offenders.

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