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Monday, January 17, 2011 - 2:32pm

Internet security experts release their predictions on the biggest threats this year.

Internet security experts are out with their predictions on the biggest threats in cyberspace this year and for one of the scariest look no further than the palm of your hand.

Beneath the reality that we're wired, even while walking, is this scary fact: cyberspace security hasn't kept up with mobile access to the internet.

McAfee Security Dave Marcus says "there's not a lot of security technologies available for google tv, and android platforms and iphones and the ipad"

Hackers have opportunities not seen in years which is why hacking into mobile devices is predicted to be one of the biggest cyberspace threats this year.

Dave Marcus says "so you can go to a website that's potentially malicious or you can go to an app store that's potentially going to download an application that's not what it says it is.

Experts say this could be a bigger threat to businesses, many of which have migrated to mobile faster than average consumers.

They also say, now more than ever, responsibility for security rests almost exclusively with the user.

Dave Marcus says "at the end of the day it's your data. It's your credit card information, it's your privacy information. people really do have to own some of that responsibility"

Social media sites, especially when accessed with a mobile device, are also predicted this year to become fertile ground for hackers with malicious intent.

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