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Tuesday, December 28, 2010 - 2:54pm

As 2010 wraps up, a new crop of cyber scams is just starting to roll out. Vicky Nguyen warns you about the top 3 gadget scams.

As 2010 wraps up, a new crop of cyber scams is just starting to roll out. Forget email scams, they're so yesterday. 2011 is bringing a whole new brew of cybercrimes, targeting your pocketbook through your pocket gadgets.

McAfee’s Joris Evers says "there will be more attacks on mobile devices, mobile applications."

Mcafee's Joris Evers says the company predicts scams and spam spiking in three areas: mobile apps on smartphones, Apple products, and location-based services like Foursquare and Gowalla that use GPS to track your movements.

Joris says “it's like forecasting the weather and we look at what's brewing in 2010."

Beware of apps that pop up when you're browsing the web on your phone. They may not have passed the same security standards as the apps you buy from official online stores like iTunes, the Android market, or BlackBerry world.

Joris says "you're giving it access to your phone and data that's on your phone and the bad guys are siphoning that off."

Bad guys are taking a bite out of Apple too, using something called a botnet that can remotely slow down your gadget.

Joris says "there will be m ore macs turned into zombies."

Not just Mac computers, but iPhones, iPads, anything that runs on the Mac operating system and connects to the internet is at risk.

Joris says "bad guys can use your computer to launch attacks to send spam against others."

And now that so many of us use GPS equipped smartphones.

Evers says cyber attackers are using that information to refine their scams.

Joris says "maybe you're interested in this coupon, please follow this link and you're like yes, that's absolutely me and I'm gonna follow that link and boom I've got you. They trick you into launching a web page or putting all that info on your page or maybe install a particular app on your phone or PC."

Evers says the best defense is a good offense.

Joris says "be aware, be cautious."

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