Custom and Border Protection Officials Inspecting Flowers at Port of Entry's

Friday, February 10, 2012 - 11:47am

CAMERON COUNTY - With Valentine's Day less than a week away Custom and Border Protection officials are taking extra precaution with many flowers crossing at port of entries.

One hundred flowers are expected to cross into the United States this Valentine's Day and CBP agriculture specialists are ensuring that plant pests and diseases are detected and prevented from being introduced into the country. Most flowers are allowed in, including roses and tulips, but officials are encouraging people to declare anything that they are trying to cross over and CBP Specialist Jared Franklin said, "We're looking for insects, we're looking for diseases. There's a variety depending on the type of flower, some flowers are more prone to have diseases, some flowers are prone to have insects. Our specialists are trained to detect those insects and diseases."

To find out a list of flowers and plants that cannot be crossed over into the United States visit

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