Cup Stacking Kid

Sunday, September 2, 2012 - 5:39pm

A seven-year-old has an amazing talent and a few world records because of it.

It's called sport stacking: creating cup pyramids as fast as your hands can take you.

Austin competed in the Junior Olympics this summer, smashing a few world records along the way.

"My heart was like boom boom boom. It was like pounding down all the way to where my cups were. Well, I had to get those nerves out really quick,"said Austin.

Austin is a second grader at Lakeview Elementary school in Bloomington, Indiana, where he also excels in the classroom.

"You're using both your right and left brain. So it's really good for them they do better on tests. Just see him excelling in anything puts his heart into he's so passionate," said Austin's mom, Karen Naber.

Just a few months ago, Austin saw a YouTube video of cup stacking and knew he had to give it a try.

Since then, he's been devoted to the sport.

When he's not playing basketball to practice his hand-eye coordination, you'll find Austin at his cups table, standing on a stool to be able to reach.

And there's no end in sight for this Junior Olympian and world champ.

"I feel like the fastest in the whole universe," Austin said.

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