Culinary Punishment

Monday, March 28, 2011 - 2:28pm

Jail inmates face "The Loaf" for bad behavior

Jails aren't typically known for their fine dining.

New York's Warren County Jail may be an exception.

Inmates who behave are being served chicken tettrazini, rolls, butter, an orange and milk for lunch.

Those who misbehave get "the loaf."

It's real name is Nutri-Loaf.
"You start with Great Northern Beans, mashed up to get the juice to flow out of them," says the jail's kitchen manager.

Then they add canned spinach, tomato paste, carrots, soy cheese, potato flakes, powdered milk oil, raisins, and wheat bread crumbs.

They form into a loaf with their hands and bake it for 45 minutes.

It's served by the pound, on a tray, with a cup of water.

Nothing else.

"It's meant to let the inmates know they're going to behave, and if not, they're going to be served this, three meals a day for seven days," says Sheriff Bud York.

The sheriff says the loaf has been an effective deterrent, attacks on officers are way down since they started serving it.

Word has spread and new inmates are saying they don't want it.

York is also using TV as a deterrent.

He's cut back on the channels inmates can watch.

"I've given them what I call the BBC, Bud's Basic Cable. And that's the weather channel, the 24-hour news networks, the food channel and the religious network."

Inmates are left praying they don't get served the loaf.

The sheriff says it's perfectly legal, but it's awful.

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