Crisis in Egypt

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 3:18pm

The Egyptian military executed a coup Wednesday, pushing President Mohamad Morsy from power after just one year. The developments come on the heels of violent clashes that left more than 20 people dead and dozens more injured, Elizabeth Corridan has the latest.

Fireworks erupted over Cairo's Tahrir Square Wednesday on word from the military of a coup that ousted President Mohamad Morsy from power and suspended the country's constitution.

We'll build an Egyptian society strong and stable that will not exclude any one of it's sons.

Pro government demonstrators are stunned. For days they've been in the streets, vowing to protect the Democratically elected leader, even laying down their own lives.

"Yes, we'll protect (him). For the last person of us, if they kill all of these people we didn't have any problem but President Morsy will stay."

Wednesday's demonstrations have been largely peaceful, a stark contrast to the deadly clashes that broke out the day before.

"Twenty-two Egyptian people killed right here last night by the Egyptian police. Butchers!"

The military issued an ultimatum that Morsy enter into a power sharing agreement, they wanted the president to make significant changes to his administration by Wednesday night or face being thrown out.

In his last public statement, Morsy was defiant, "I will not accept nor will I allow to have anyone who will come out and say and violate the legitimacy or take steps or decisions that will shake up this legitimacy. This is rejected."

With the president overthrown, the opposition says the country now has a roadmap to a better future, "This plan, is a beginning for a new beginning to continue with the may 25th revolution through which the Egyptian people had to spend dearly to achieve what all of us want, social justice for every Egyptian, man and woman."

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