Court of Appeals affirms conviction, sentence in murder case

A Harlingen man's appeal on capital murder has been denied by an appellate court.

Police arrest suspect in alleged sexual assault case

A rape suspect is finally behind bars. Angel Dominguez-Ortega, 40, is accused of breaking into a 64 year-old woman's house, off the 4000 block of Jamie Zapata Avenue, back in November and sexually assaulting her.

Brownsville PD 2012 Annual Report

The Brownsville Police Department has released it's 2012 annual report on crime.

Man sentenced to prison for drug and witness tampering

A Houston man has been sentenced to prison for his involvement in drug smuggling and witness tampering.

Police arrest "Mariachi Bandit" in store robbery case

He's known as the Mariachi bandit and now he's facing deportation. The suspect, from Mexico, will likely be deported after police say he robbed a convenience store while wearing a Mariachi outfit.

Former police officer sentenced to prison on gun charges

A former Rio Hondo police officer has been sentenced to prison on gun charges.

Father and son arrested in stabbing incident

Police arrested a father and son, on Friday, April 6th in reference to a stabbing on the 1600 block of Sam Houston Street in Harlingen.

Woman arrested in prostitution sting

A woman is arrested for prostitution after offering an undercover officer sex for money.

Two additional men charged in UTPA kidnapping case

Two men have been ordered detained by a Magistrate judge in connection to the kidnapping of a female student at the University of Texas Pan American.

U.S. Custom officers seize over $150,000 at Hidalgo port of entry

U.S. Custom officers, conducting outbound operations, at the Hidalgo International bridge seized over $150,000 in U.S. currency  on April 29th.

Suspect gets away once, but not twice from authorities

San Benito police arrested a man for criminal trepassing, evading arrest and resisting arrest.

Woman wanted in possible theft of wallet

Detectives are searching for a female who is accused of stealing a wallet left on the counter of a clothing store.

Homeowner finds wanted suspect in attic

Imagine this, you hear something in your attic and you find a man hiding! That's what happened to a Harlingen woman.

Facebook postings of drug and cartel ties lands Pharr man in prison

A Pharr man has been sentenced to prison for his involvement in distributing a controlled substance.

Fight leads to female being arrested for possession of cocaine

San Benito police arrested a woman after she started a fight at a house party and then being found with possession of cocaine in her bra.