Licensed firearms dealer sentenced to prison for making straw purchases for cartel

A Hidalgo City resident is sentenced to prison for his involvement in buying firearms for a Mexican cartel.

Woman, switches out price tags on items, charged with theft

Harlingen police arrested a woman for swapping out price tags on items at a Walmart store. On Thursday, June 13, police were called to the Walmart store located at 1801 West Lincoln Ave in reference to a theft.

Harlingen home used as a eight-liner establishment

An anonymous call, about a possible hostage situation, led police to a residence that was being used as a eight-liner business.

Teen puts on new clothes, attempts to walkout without paying

Harlingen police arrest a teen for theft after he attempted to walk out of a store wearing a new outfit.

Anonymous tip leads to suspect being charged with possession of marijuana

McAllen police arrested a man for possession of marijuana after receiving an anonymous tip. On Tuesday, June 11, officers received a call about suspicious activity in the 2100 block of W. Yellowhammer Ave.

Grandson's girlfriend arrested for breaking into grandma's apartment

Police arrested a woman for burglary, when she is caught inside the victim's apartment. On Friday, June 7, police officers were dispatched around 10 p.m. to the 3500 block of Business 83 in regards to a burglary.

Homeowner attacked, beats and holds down suspect for police

A Harlingen resident is forced to protect himself after he confronts a man on his backyard property. On Saturday, June 8, police were dispatched to a home in the 8100 block of West Business 83 in regards to a man with a knife.

San Benito police arrest five individuals in shoplifting ring

San Benito police arrested five individuals charged with shoplifting merchandise from a local department store.

Burglars steal bird cage, get caught, now behind bars

Two men are arrested and charged for several burglaries in the Harlingen area. On Thursday, June 6, around 1:30 a.m. police were called to the 2000 block of North G Street in regards to a female's apartment being burglarized.

Driver, in three vehicle accident, charged with manslaughter

A Brownsville man has been arrested and charged with manslaughter for his involvement in a three vehicle accident.

Parents uncooperative with police and CPS in injury of 4 month-old child

A Harlingen couple have been arrested and charged with the injury of their 4 month-old child.

Police arrest suspected burglar, in his underwear

A Harlingen man was arrested by police officers, in his underwear, after a burglary report at the Cinemark 16 movie theater.

CBP agents seize nearly $2 million in cocaine, $120,000 in unreported currency

Custom field officers have seized nearly $2 million in cocaine and over $120,000 in unreported currency in two separate incidents.

Two men arrested for ciminal mischief

Police arrested two men accused of working together to vandalize a woman's vehicle with a bat.

Second suspect, wanted in robbery case, arrested

McAllen police have arrested the second suspect in the aggravated robbery of  a Stripes store.