State Representative arrested for suspicion of DWI

State Representative arrested for suspicion of DWI

POSTED: Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 7:48am

UPDATED: Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 12:30pm

A Texas State Representative is out on bond, busted on suspicion of drunk driving early Thursday morning.

Austin Texas Police arrested State Representative Naomi Gonzalez D-El Paso on Thursday night.Gonzalez appears disheveled looking in her mugshot after she was arrested. She allegedly rear-ended another car around 2 a.m.. on the outskirts of Downtown Austin, busy with traffic from the popular concert SXSW. The car she hit then hit a bicyclist. Gonzalez, passengers in the other car and the bicyclist were transported to a hospital. The good news is that no one has life threatening injuries.

Gonzalez, a democrat, is working in Austin now, and has district offices in El Paso. According to her biography, she was the youngest female and the only Hispanic female of the incoming State Representative 2011 freshman class.

The chairman of the El Paso County Democratic Party says while he knows Gonzalez is a good person who made a mistake, her future could be in jeopardy.

"You serve the community that elected you so therefore, whatever you do personally can reflect on those who voted for you," said Chairman Glen Maya.

Austin police also commented on the incident:

"People in positions that are important of course are held to a higher standard in most cases. So because of our positions, it's a disappointment. At the same time, we're no different than any other human being, sometimes mistakes are made. Hopefully she can learn from it and move on,” said Austin Senior Police Officer Jermaine Kilgore.

Gonzalez currently serves on the Ways and Means and Human Services Committees where she hopes to return to work and move forward.

Gonzalez's office released comment:

"I would like to say first that my thoughts and prayers go out to the other persons involved. I hope you understand, I won't be commenting further until the legal matters have been resolved," said Gonzalez.

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