Man found guilty for murdering two men over $500 debt

Man found guilty for murdering two men over $500 debt
Cameron County District Attorney's Office
Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 7:54am

A jury in the 107th state District Court found Randall Bolivar guilty of a February 2009 Brownsville murder.

Bolivar, 32, of Brownsville, chased down two brothers with his vehicle, because one of the brothers owed him $500 after a drug deal. When the brother who owed the money fled, Bolivar opted to kill the other brother and driver, Aaron Castillo, shooting him three times. Prosecutors stated that the victim most likely didn’t know why he was being chased.

“To kill for a lousy $500 is pretty low,” said Assistant District Attorney Pete Gilman in closing arguments. “He (Bolivar) didn’t even have a bone to pick with him.”

Prosecutors argued that the underlying consistency of witness reports and testimony was that Bolivar killed Castillo.

“The defendant wanted everyone to believe he was innocent and had remorse for the victim,” District Attorney Luis V. Saenz said. “However, he was on the run for four days and put others in danger during that time. An innocent person doesn’t run and hide.”

Assistant District Attorneys Gilman and Brent Gimble prosecuted the case with Visiting Judge Robert Pate presiding. The jury Thursday will sentence Bolivar. Bolivar faces up to 99 years in prison.

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