From "Chicken Boy" To "Dr. Chicken"?

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 10:40am

Boy's backyard flock leads him to a life in poultry science.

Jesse Huth is 21-years-old, but he still goes by the moniker, "Chicken Boy."

"Everyone that knows me calls me, 'Chicken Boy,'" Huth told KXAN News back in 2004 , "'cause that's what I am, I'm Chicken Boy."

In those days, Huth was a 13 year-old chicken wrangler. He had over 100 of them on the homestead he shared with his parents. He watched over them like a mother hen and when one of them died, he grieved, especially the first time it happened.

"It was real sad," said Huth's mother, Jaci Kroupa, "and he cried and we made a little cross and, you know, took her down and put her in a special burial place."

When Huth graduated from high school, he ran like a hungry hen to College Station. Texas A&M University was the only college he applied to. Admission was a foregone conclusion and the major was, or course, poultry science .

Then, when Chicken Boy graduated from Aggieland in December, he stayed put, joining the university's graduate program in chicken welfare and behavior.

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