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Monday, August 15, 2011 - 10:00am

Credit card company uses text messages to fight identity theft.

One credit card company is using text messages as the newest tool in fighting identity theft. Text alerts are sent when unusual activity is detected on customers accounts.

Jackie almendares is always on guard now. Before someone ran up $60,000 on her credit card a nightmare to repair her credit. So she's happy to see that credit cards issued by USAA are coming with a new feature to stop fraud.

USAA will send you a text message when there's an attempt to make a credit card purchase it thinks is suspicious.

Jackie says "I like the idea. I do not have to be so worried about identity theft, which actually I am."

USAA says it's the first to offer this kind of tenting to protect you. They ask you about the attempted purchase and you can respond to tell them if its you using the card or not.

Voice of Tom Shaw, USAA Vice President, says "this service will actually send a message to the member ask them if this is a valid transaction or potentially fraudulent and they can actually reply."

USAA says another great feature of this new texting system is if your are out at lunch or dinner with co-workers or friends or dinner and there is a problem you can privately find out. the waiter or waitress doesn't tell you the card is not good.

Michelle Saracco says "a text message is just a couple of seconds. It takes a few seconds to read and it's an extra form of security."

Elizabeth Karwowski, Credit Expert, says "I actually get excited because any opportunity to protect your identity is a good opportunity for consumers."

Credit expert Elizabeth Karwowski says you need to take advantage of technology that protects you.

Elizabeth says "they have the opportunity to respond to whether there is fraudulent activity going on with their card."

Merchants like Philly Steak Sub Shop owner Kareli Mila says the new protection means she can focus more on her sandwiches than worrying about her business losing out from a fraudulent transaction.

Kareli Mila says "oh, definitely i'm going to get paid every time. You are not going to run with the risk of somebody who's not going to have money to pay."

Jackie Almendares, Identity Theft Victim, says "I use my credit card during the course of the day at least once."

USAA told us its credit card users are now able to sign up for the service which is the latest step in stopping what happened to Jackie from happening to you.

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