Craigslist Puppy Little Lifesaver

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 2:24pm

Man's call about Craigslist puppy-for-sale ad saves woman's life.

A West Fork, Arkansas woman is still alive because of a puppy.

Jeff Conduff was trying to give away a pit bull puppy, but when he called a lady who was interested, he knew something was terribly wrong.

"It's turned out to be a sad and strange day," says Conduff.

After e-mailing back and fourth with one woman, Conduff called her Tuesday night to arrange dropping the puppy off, but when she answered the phone he knew something was wrong.

"Somebody picked the phone up and I could hear like a heavy crying and at the same time like someone was choking for air," says Conduff. "I said, 'Are you ok?"

Even though the woman on the other line said she was fine, Conduff pressed further.

"There was no way everything was okay, so I asked her, I said, 'Do you need help? Just yes or no. Do you need help?' and she said yes."

Then he heard a man's voice in the background and he says he thought the woman was still in danger.

Conduff knew had to get her address quickly, without putting her in harm's way.

"I just made this up, I said, 'I want you to tell whoever is there with you that I'm bringing you the puppy right now,'" says Conduff.

So Conduff immediately called 911 and when officers arrived at the home they arrested the woman's husband, Jason Kelly.

Deputies say Kelly punched and strangled her and threatened to kill her.

Conduff's call came just in time.

"They tell me they think I saved their life, but I just did what people ought to do, I'm just glad it worked out," says Conduff.

After all this, Conduff just hopes the woman is okay, and he says he will be saving this little pit bull for her, because at just 7 weeks old, it saved her life.

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