Couple scared to help naked rape victim, call 911

Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 2:13pm

What would you do if a person claiming to be attacked was pounding on your door begging for help?

One Florida couple found themselves in that situation. They say they weren't sure if the situation was staged and didn't let her inside the house.

A 911 call was made however and it's been released by the authorities.

Caller: "There's a girl at my door screaming and crying she's been raped. I will not let her in, she's banging on my door. But she's screaming and crying she's been raped."

Dispatcher: "OK, we're going to get somebody out there, if you could just...."

Caller: "Real quick, ma'am. Real quick, ma'am."

Dispatcher: "Ok, we're working on it."


Caller: "She is naked. We're going to get you a blanket. Stay right there."

Dispatcher: "Sir, are you still there?"

Caller: "Police are coming right now, stay right there. She is right in front of my door. She is nude. She is nude. And we're dying to give her a blanket but we just can't. We're waiting for someone else to come."

Dispatcher: "And she's still there?"

Caller: "Yes. Crying."

Dispatcher: "Is she on the ground? Is she...."

Caller: "Is she on the ground? Yes. She's on the ground, she's naked."

Dispatcher: "She won't take a blanket or you just...."

Caller: "No, it's not that. It's just, yeah, I'm afraid to open the door."

The rape suspect, Juan Vera Soledad, was taken into custody later that same day.

He's facing charges of kidnapping and sexual battery with a deadly weapon.

The Deland Police Department has issued a statement for people who may find themselves in a similar situation, call 911, and let the victim know in a calm voice that the police are on the way.


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