Couple allegedly kills sex offender

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 2:47pm

A South Carolina couple is accused of murder, authorities arrested Jeremy and Christine Moody Wednesday. Police say they shot and stabbed another couple and were planning to do it again. As Drew Smith tells us, police believe the couple was targeting registered sex offenders.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

No answer and no emotion from Jeremy Moody, a man accused of fatally shooting and stabbing Gretchen and Charles Parker.

Deputies say Moody and his wife were caught on tape in the Parker's home. When asked if Christine Moody knew what charges she faced she seemed confused, "I'm not exactly sure."

A case that has kept Union sheriff's deputies up late all week took a dramatic twist. Sheriff David Taylor says Moody targeted his victims because Parker was on the sex offender registry, "That was the motive at the bottom of my list."

Since the news broke, the deputies believed Moody was going to kill another sex offender. The sheriff says people listed on the registry have called his office scared for their safety.

Sheriff David Taylor Union Co., SC Sheriff's Office "I would be unnerved myself once I found out what this motive was."

Taylor believes those on the registry are safe now and the database remains effective in keeping the whole community safe, "I think it's an isolated circumstance. I think it's very viable that we have a sex offender registry."

As for Jeremy Moody he's not new to gang investigators, his tattoos on his neck and head attracted attention.

Deputies say Moody admitted to belonging to a white supremacist group, Sheriff David Taylor,  "We live in a good community. I mean, even a bushel of apples is going to have a bad apple every once in a while but that doesn't make the rest of the apples bad."

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