County Officials Suspect Arson After Early Morning Fire

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 8:33am

The home is still standing strong, all thanks to a newborn.

"Very thankful to my little girl. She woke me up."

Brenda Valdez woke up early this morning after her two-month-old daughter would not stop crying.

"She woke me up at 5 in the morning. I guess she wanted a bottle."

As she made the bottle she heard two loud bangs just outside her bedroom window.

"There were two weird sounds. One in my window and I heard a shattering in the truck. I called my mom by phone and I told her I thought somebody was hitting her truck. She came to the living room and saw my boyfriend's truck was on fire."

Valdez was in her room with the baby and her boyfriend when her mom yelled for them to leave that room in fear it would quickly catch on fire. As soon as they made it out the front door, the bedroom was already engulfed in flames.

"I still can't believe it. I’m shocked."

The truck is totaled. Her mom's SUV suffered some damage but will be repaired, and as for the home, Brenda’s room is the only room that has significant fire damage. It’s unfortunate, but Brenda says she's lucky no one was injured.

County fire officials suspect someone is behind this fire that started inside the pickup truck, something the Valdez family already suspected.

"What can I say? There are always people trying to harm other people."

The house is equipped with a surveillance camera, but neither the family nor officials have been able to watch the video after the power was cut off after the fire.

"We’re hoping to find something on the video. Yes we are."

Brenda Valdez and her family are making plans to move somewhere else. She says staying in the house after this is not happening.

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