County Auctions Off Vehicles to Help Budget and Taxpayers


POSTED: Monday, January 24, 2011 - 5:25pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 9:06am

The county auction is currently online but you better hurry as you only have a little over a week to place those bids."

97 vehicles are up for grabs but not for long.

"You can get a decent vehicle for a very reasonable price."

Director of Administrative Services, Robert Lopez, tells News Center 23, these vehicles were either seized during drug raids, they were old county vehicles or they were abandoned. This is the second time Cameron County has auctioned vehicles online and Lopez believes this trend will continue as this benefits the county and its taxpayers.

"We did a first time auction for the DA's office in December and we found it to be very productive and very beneficial to the county so therefore we continue to do it again."

The online auction runs through February 2nd. Items for sale include sheriff's department cars and trucks, utility trailers, ambulances, dump trucks, 18-wheelers, SUVs’ and sedans. The county will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from this auction and it will go back to the general fund. Putting money into that fund helps the county budget and can possibly help from raising taxes.

"We’re looking to doing auctions, depending on whatever commissioner’s court approves, and if we get a good amount of vehicles. Right now we're looking at maybe doing them twice a year."

County officials don't want you to be discouraged if someone bids higher than you. Lopez says some folks don't actually come through and pay, giving you that chance to purchase the vehicle after all.

"They will have three business days to fulfill their obligation. Once the three days are up and they do not pay then it goes to the second highest bidder. If they choose, you know what, I don't want this vehicle, it goes to the third. Now if the third bidder opts in or out of the purchase, say they do opt out, it'll go back into auction."

To bid on a vehicle, click here

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