Countdown To Iowa

Thursday, December 15, 2011 - 10:21am

GOP presidential hopefuls continue their canvas for caucus votes.

In the ever-changing Republican race for the White House Newt Gingrich enjoys his biggest lead so far, but the former Speaker of The House is also getting some bad news from the dizzying array of polls, and the man who used to lead the GOP pack is rubbing it in.

Mitt Romney focused on his good news during an appearance Wednesday on Fox News.

"People are coming to the conclusion, increasingly, that I'm the person with the experience and the temperament and the capacity to actually lead America and to defeat President Obama," Romney said.

Gingrich has surged to his biggest lead among Republican primary voters, who tend to focus on ideology, but in the matchup against President Obama it's Romney who bests Gingrich.

Romney polls just two points behind the president, while Gingrich is 11 points back.

"It's an opportunity for someone like Ron Paul who is very close to Newt in Iowa to take the lead," notes MSNBC political analyst and former RNC chairman Michael Steel.

Ron Paul is just one point behind Gingrich in one Iowa survey, and three behind in a New Hampshire poll.

"In political terms, we're probably peaking at the right time," Paul said in a stop in New Hampshire Wednesday.

The 76-year-old Libertarian's call to radically shrink government appeals to many voters and
Paul is stealing Gingrich support.

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