Corporal Punishment Still An Option In Many Valley Schools


POSTED: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - 9:26am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 7:57am

HIDALGO COUNTY - A majority of states have outlawed corporal punishment in schools, but Texas is not one of those states.

Many Valley parents remember the days when a paddle or ruler was used for discipline in school. But today corporal punishment rarely seen. And almost every Valley school district said they haven't turned to the punishment in years.

"No McAllen ISD hasn't utilized corporal punishment I'd say about 15 to 20 years, and in the 12 years that I have been doing discipline, 8 years that I have been overseeing discipline, the school district has not utilized corporal punishment at all," said John Wilde, McAllen ISD.

But if you look at many of the Valley school districts handbooks, corporal punishment is still and option.

"In Mission CISD, while it is in board policy as something that can be used, district administration generally discourages the use of corporal punishment because of the issues that it can raise," said Craig Verley, Mission CISD.

Here are a list of the Hidalgo County School Districts and links to their student handbooks:




La Joya:





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Also an ironic note -- "Protecting your kids on the internet" is a related side-bar to this story.

Really? We want to "protect our children" from being exposed to inappropriate people who *might* try to contact them -- maybe coerce them into sexual or violent situations -- yet we send them to schools that have rules that allow staff to beat the children's buttocks and sexual areas -- does it even specifiy with a board or is the hand ok or is it vague? What would we think if the kids found a website that duplicated school paddlings of both boys and girls for the kids to watch? Would we worry the kids had stumbled upon porno, possibly child porno? We would be correct -- but the identical porno is said to be ok in these handbooks -- and is possibly practiced on children openly or off the record, and we put on our blinders and say, "It is ok if it is really being performed on the kids," or it is ok if the school staff are the ones doing it. Really -- school staff were also involved with the 2002 bust of a worldwide child spanking pornography ring that operated out of Dallas. There is no job tible that precludes pedophiles from secret "abuse in plain sight," and no region of the country that is immune from the same.

As Jesus said, we need to get the log, or in this case the paddle, out of our own eye before we can see to help others. Also we strain at the gnat of internet abuse --- which is highly publicized but very rare -- and swallow hundreds of thousands of children being paddled and spanked every year in school?
The words that allow it themselves create a hostile environment and potential for abuse and exploitation - and lend credence to it outside the school as well.

I once interviewed a student from Mission High School. His interview is on, a website about school paddling as physical abuse, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment.
Articles like this that talk about how the paddle is "on the books" but is "rarely used," or more bizarrely, "never used" supposedly, raise a lot of questions. Why keep it on the books if its use raises so many "issues?" The "issues" it raises all have to do with the inherent physical and sexual abuse aspects. It makes as much sense as if the Catholic Priests in Boston maintained old rules or standards that allowed the Sodomy of boys, and then explained that it was ok because today it was "rarely used," or was not done much anymore due to some "issues it raised."
Further if a teacher enjoyed spanking boys or girls, it woudl be easier to blackmail kids or teens to accept illicit spanking by in part pointing out the handbook that spanking is legal to do in the school.
By the way, I also have some quotes in the slave section from Texas slaves who were brutally paddled long before the paddle made its way into Texas schools. Paddling was invented for use on slaves as a method to torture them into insensibility without causing as much of a loss of market value as the lash did. That is why 90% of all paddling in the US today is carried out in 10 former Antebellum slave states like Texas.
Also one of the key lies and myths once used to support padlding -- that it is "Christian" -- is also easily seen to be false if we open our eyes. There is not one New Testament verse instructing anyone to hit any child, nor any example of Jesus or an Apostle doing so. Hence paddling never was Christian -- that too was a carry over from its mixture of slavery and construed biblical support in the 18th and 19th centuries, so it "seems right" today as well, eventhough it is not from the New Testament.
There is no reason to keep child abuse "on the books" once we know better, as the school staff seems to indicate is the case.

Documentary "The Board of Education" Legal U.S. School Beatings/Paddlings/Spankings of Students K-12/When school teachers, coaches and administrators are Bullies! Parents charged with Felony Child Abuse for similar assaults /injuries to children that "Educators" inflict with legal IMPUNITY under guise of discipline!
Support Federal Bill H.R. 3027 "The Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act" at donthitstudents dot com

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