Cornyn, Cuellar make pitches for their immigration bill

Cornyn, Cuellar make pitches for their immigration bill
Friday, July 18, 2014 - 5:10pm

Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Henry Cuellar convened a group of local officials at Mission City Hall Friday afternoon. 

They all voiced their concerns over the current humanitarian crisis involving the unaccompanied minors crossing the border. Cornyn and Cuellar are trying to push their so-called HUMANE Act.

They say the HUMANE Act would ease the overcrowded Border Patrol holding facilities. Critics cite the provision calling for shortened deportation hearings. They say when it comes to child safety, immigration courts should take their time to decide.  

"What we're trying to do is restore an orderly, lawful system of people who want to come to the United States," Cornyn said. "This is the most generous country in the world when it comes to naturalizing people who come from different countries... The worst-case scenario is doing nothing. Because what will happen is the cartels that are smuggling these children into America will continue to make money.

"We feel that we ought to have a combination of both policy changes and the money, but if there's some suggestions, we'll take suggestions how to fix it," Cuellar said, adding that the bill will be filed in the House of Representatives next week.  

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