Cop Car Crusher Speaks

Friday, August 31, 2012 - 1:40pm

Man accused of smashing police fleet with large tractor is out on bail.

A Vermont man accused of crushing a fleet of police cars is out on bial.

"It's great. Good air. No fence," said Roger Pion.

Just hours after being released from jail, Pion was enjoying the outdoors while working on the farm with his dad, a far cry from how he describes his time in prison.

"I spent three days with no shower, and you know, I spent the last of my time in the hole," explained Pion, referring to doing in time in solitary confinement.

Pion, who is accused of destroying seven Orleans sheriff cruisers with a tractor, said his time behind bars was no easy stint.

When asked if we was treated differently from other inmates, Pion responded, "Yeah, a lot differently. Stuff in my food every once in a while, and they'd go through my cell every time I left."

Roger was released to his father, Armand - who goes by "Bones."

"I am really glad he's home. I know people want to hear the true story, and when this is all over with the story will be out," said the older Pion.

While in jail, Roger Pion developed into quite the Internet sensation for those who saw his demolition derby as a heroic gesture of "fighting the power."

All of which comes as a big surprise to him now that he's out.

"It's a little weird, but it happens," said Pion, when asked about his new-found Internet fame.

Asked if he thought he was a hero, Pion quickly said, "No, no."

Pion's first court date is set for October 2nd.

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