Cool Temperatures In the Valley

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 9:29am

As the sun goes down at night and the wind blows temperatures can get frigid.
In harlingen we found an area known as "tent city" were people just have a tent and some blankets to keep warm.

"We are used to the weather, last year it was worst than it was today."

This is Irene she has lived in tent city for about two years. She asked us not to show her face. She says when it gets really cold the community comes out to help them.

"People come and donate blankets and pillows."

She says when it's really cold they sometimes go to a shelter, but she says that's not always an option.

"The shelters you have to have an id, birth certificate, and only certain days to stay there. Why do you have a shelter if only have people with id can use it?. "

Despite dealing with the cool temperatures Irene says it's a peaceful place she calls home.

"Out here its peaceful cops do check up, because they know people live out here."

As for the next couple days Irene says she and the others are going to bundle up and try to keep warm.

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